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爱情片 – romantic film


协理 – assistant

爆竹 – squib

变焦透镜 – zoom lens

背光  – backlight(ing)

背景音乐 – background music

悲剧 – tragedy

编程 – to program; programming

编导 – writer/director (mainly for TV)

编辑 – editing/editor

编剧 – (to) write a play, scenario; playwright; screenwriter; scenarist

辩士  –  benshi (Japanese silent film narrator; see also dian ying jie shuo yuan)

编舞 – choreography; choreographer

布景 – sets

布景师 – art director


彩旦 – villian, similar to the huadan (q.v.) but comical, usually up to mischief, sometimes ill-intentioned

彩色片 – color film

策划 – to produce an idea, a person who produces an idea

场记 – continuity log

场面 – scene; spectacle

场务 – grip

超级明星 – superstar

车间 – workshop

陈设 – display, layout; furnishings

成为明星 – rise to stardom, become a star

重拍镜头 – reshoot


大型(彩色)纪录片 – full length (color) documentary

淡出 – fade out

淡入 – fade in

道具 – props

倒叙 –  flashback

导演 – director

灯光 – lighting; a person in the lighting department

电视电影 – TV movie

电视纪录片 – TV documentary

电影 – movie, cinema, motion picture, etc.

电影布景 – film set

电影鉴赏 – film appreciation

电影 奖 – film award(s)

电影脚本 – scenario; film script (see also dian yin ju ben)

电影解说员 film (or movie) explainer – (in the silent era, this was the Chinese counterpart of the Japanese benshi)

电影剧本 – scenario; filmscript

电影明星 – movie star, film star (also see:  yingxing)

i电影摄影机 – motion picture camera

电影摄制 – film production

电影图片—movie stills

电影业 – film industry

电影配音公司– film dubbing studio

电影院 – theater (motion picture)

电影角色 – movie role, part

电影制片厂 – film studio

电影资料馆 – film archive

电影剧本 – screenplay

电影节 – film festival

底片 – (film) negative

定格 – freeze-frame; frozen frame

动画片 – cartoon, animated film

动作片 – action film

短片 – short

对话 – dialogue


儿童片 – children’s film


发行 – distribution

犯罪片 – crime film

访谈片 – interview film

放映 – projection, showing

分场剧本 – scene breakdown script

分级制度 – ratings system

分镜头剧本 – shot breakdown script

讽刺 – satire, satirical

风光 – scenic (view)

疯狂喜剧  – screwball comedy (see also:  shen jing xi ju)

讽喻 – allegory

富有号召力的明星 – bankable star

服装 – costume

服装考据 – costume research

服装设计师 – costume designer


改编 – adaptation

改编曲 – arrangement (musical)

高清(电视) – high definition (TV)

歌舞片 – musical film (also see:  yin yue pian)

工作样片 – rushes

狗仔队 – paparazzi (plural); paparazzo (singular)

故事梗概 – plot outline, treatment

故事片 – feature film, narrative film, story film

观众 – audience

广角镜头 – wide-angle lens


贺岁片 – films released during Lunar New Year

合作伙伴 – collaborators (on a film, excluding the director)

黑白片 – black-and-white film

后景 – background

花旦 – a Beijing opera term used in films to mean a flirtaceous and vivacious female character

滑稽短片 – comedy, comic (short)

花瓶 – literally, “flower vase”,  an actor or actress who is in a production because of their looks, but whose character really does little to advance the story.  American English equivalent:  “eye candy.”

画外音 – offscreen sound

花絮 – trivia

化装 – makeup

化装师 – makeup artist

幻景 – illusions


纪录片 – documentary

纪录片导演 – documentary director

技术主任 – technical direction, technical director

剪辑 – film editing

监制 – executive producer

讲述 – narration

奖项 – category (or categories) of film award(s)

家庭片 – family movie

叫座 – box office smash; box office success

叫座演员 – box office favorite (actor)

结构 – structure (of a film)

节目单 – program

结束镜头 – last scene of a film

解说词 – commentary

解说 – narration

解说者 – narrator

近景 – close up

经典 – classic

惊悚片 – thriller

镜头 – shot; scene; camera lens

惊险动作片 – action-adventure film

惊险片 – adventure film

剧本 – script, scenario

剧情 – plot

剧情片 – narrative film (literally:  plot film)

剧务 – (script) continuity

卷筒  –  reel of film

军事片 – military film


开拍 – start shooting (a film) [short form of next entry]

开机 – roll camera

科教片 – scientific and educational film

客串 – cameo

科幻片 – popular science film

恐怖片 – horror film

快镜头 – fast motion, quick motion

宽银幕 – widescreen

(变形)宽银电影- CinemaScope

宽银幕变形镜头 – widescreen adjustable (or distorting) lens

宽银幕立体电影 – widescreen 3D film


蓝本影片 – film based on a literary work

连续剧 – miniseries

临时演员 – extra (film or movie performer)

灵界 – spirit world (meaning films dealing with the afterlife, etc.)

历史片 – historical film

立体 – three-dimensional (3-D); stereoscopic

录音 – (sound) recording

录音师 – sound mixer

伦理片 – ethics film


慢镜头 – slow motion shot

冒险片 – adventure film

美工 – art design, art designer

魅力 – drawing power (of stars); glamour

美术 – art direction

美术指导 – production designer

梦慢镜头 – dream scene or sequence

蒙太奇 – montage (movie)

描述 – portray, or delineate  (a character)

明星 – star (general term: film, stage, music, etc.)

明星荟萃的演出 – star-studded show

明星制度 – star system

默片 – silent film (see also wu sheng dian ying)

幕后 – behind the scenes, backstage

木偶片 – puppet film, marionette film


男配角 – male supporting role

男演员 – actor (specifically male)

男主角– male lead

闹剧  –  farce

内景 – interior

内景摄影 – interior shooting

女配角 – female supporting role

女演员 – actress

女主角– heroine; female lead


拍板 – clapper, clapboard

拍电影 – shoot a film; make a movie

排练 – rehearse; rehearsal

拍摄角度 – camera angle

拍外景 – film on location

配角 – supporting role (general term)

片尾字幕 – credits (general term; see also:  yan zhi yuan biao)

配音 – dubbing

配音片 – dubbed film

片名角色 – title role

片头字幕 – title credits

片种 – (film) genre

票房 – box office

票房毒药 – box office poison

票房收入 – box office receipt

评论 – review, critique

评论家 – reviewer, critic


前景  –  foreground

全景 – wide angle

全体演员 – cast

群众场面 – crowd scene, group shot, mob scene


人工光 – artificial light

人物造型设计 – character study


色情电影 – adult film

闪回镜头 – flashback

闪景 – flash

商业电影 – commercial (as opposed to artistic) film

上映日期 – release date

摄影 – cinematography

摄影机 – camera (general term)

摄影棚 – sound stage

摄影师 – cameraman

摄影室 – studio

审查 – censorship; to censor

深景电影 – vista-vision

神经喜剧 – screwball comedy (see also:  feng kuang xi ju)

神秘片 – supernatural (film genre)

声画合成拷贝 – married print

事务 – general business

试演 – audition

试镜头 – screen test

手持摄影 – hand-held shooting

收音 – on set sound recording

说明 (书) – program notes; playbill (lit. explanatory notes)

书幕 – title calligraphy

双蛋黄 – literally “double yolk egg”:  the awarding of duplicate awards in a movie award competition category.  Can also be “triple yolk egg” 三 蛋黄, etc.


特技– special (practical) effects; stunts; NOT to be confused with 视效 which is visual effects

特技摄影 – special effects photography

特技摄影机 – special effects camera, stunt camera

特技演员 – stuntman; stuntwoman; also:  special effects technician

特写(镜头) – close-up

特邀明星 – guest star

题花 – title design

替身 – stand-in

体育片 – sports film; athletic film

天幕 – stage backdrop [short form of next entry]

天幕衬片 – stage backdrop

天片 – stage backdrop [short form of previous entry]

跳叙 – flash forward

跳越剪辑 – jump cut

統籌 – overall plan

童话(片) – fairy tale (film)

童片 – children’s film (short for:  er tong pian 儿童片)

推进镜头 – track-in


外景 – location

外景摄影 – location (exterior, outdoor) shooting

文艺 – drama

武打 – an action film using Chinese martial arts

武旦 – a woman warrior in Beijing opera, sometimes used for swordswomen in wu xia pian (q.v.)

舞蹈(家) – dance(r)

舞蹈编导 – choreography; choreographer

舞蹈片 – dance film, ballet film

舞蹈指导 – dance direction, director

舞剧片 – dance film, ballet film

无声 (电影) – silent (film); see also: mo pian

无声源音乐 – musical background [literally, “unsourced music,” and refers to music on the film from an unseen source, usually composed especially for the film]

武术 – martial arts

舞台纪录片 – opera film, film adapted from an opera

舞台戏曲片 – opera film, film adapted from an opera

武侠 – martial artist, specifically a heroic or chivalrous character

武侠片 – martial arts film, usually featuring swordplay


细部特写 – extreme closeup

喜剧(片) – comedy (film)

洗片 – develop film

洗片机 – film developing machine

洗印 – (film) processing

戏子 — a derogatory old term for an actor

相关网站 – related web sites

相关资讯 – related information

小明星 – starlet

小生 — young male character type in Beijing opera, often applied in movies

新闻短片 – newsreel

新闻片 – news film

续集 – sequel

叙述 – narration

宣传 (片) – propaganda (Promotional) film

悬疑 – suspense; cliffhanger


哑剧 – pantomime

演员 – actor or actress; performer (general term)

演职员表 – cast list, cast credits

埸记 – script supervisor

医学片 – medical film

银幕 – (movie) screen

印片 – printing, film printing

印片机 – film-printing machine

音像同步装置 – movieola

音响效果  –  sound effect(s)

影吧 – a bar where one can watch movies or videos

影帝 – “movie king”; an actor at the top of his game

影后 – “movie queen” ; an actress at the top of her game

影剧界 – the entertainment world; movie and drama circles

影迷 – movie fan, filmgoer, cinephile, film enthusiast, etc.

影迷俱乐部 – (movie) fan club

影名 – title (of film)

影片 – film, movie

影片保存 – film preservation

影片分析 – film analysis

影片剪辑 – film editing

影片解说词 – film commentary

影片制片厂 – film studio, company

影片库 – film library

影评 – film review

影坛 – movie circles; moviedom; filmdom

影星 – movie star, film star (short form of dianying mingxing)

影院 – movie theater; cinema

音响 – sound

音乐片 – musical film (also see:  gewupian)

艺术纪录片 – art house documentary

艺术片 – art film

影城 – film studio (also see:  yingpian zhipianchang)

有声电影 – sound film

预告片 – trailer

寓言 – fable, allegory, parable

远景 –wide shot

乐队指挥 – conductor (musical)


战争片 – war film

照明 – lighting (also used for lighting electrician or technician)

照相摄影 – (still) photography

侦探片 – detective film

正片 – positive print(of a film)

置景 – sets; scenery

制片人 – producer

制片主任 – production manager, line producer

制片总监/监制 – executive producer

制作 – production (studio)

制作原则 – production code

中景 – medium shot

主角– leading role

助理 – assistant

主题 – theme (subject of a film)

主题歌 – theme song

主演 – star; lead (role)

传记片 – biographical film

字幕 – subtitles (on motion picture film; captions (with still photos)

总导演 – main director

作词 – lyricist (also used in the general meaning of “songwriter”)

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