John Dietz 章迪哲

John was raised in Wisconsin, educated in Arizona and served an apprenticeship in Wyoming with sculptor Robert Russin before beginning his film making career at the Oscar winning visual effects house Rhythm & Hues in Los Angeles.  Moving to Chicago he became Managing and Creative Director of Sol Design FX, followed by six years as visual effects supervisor and producer at Australia’s Rising Sun Pictures.  A craftsman and a passionate storyteller, John leads the creative development of VisPop’s projects.

章迪哲出生于美国威斯康欣州,受教于亚利桑那大学,在开始他的电影生涯之前在怀俄明州和Robert Russin学习雕刻,后在

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James Whitlam

James is a veteran of the Australian visual effects industry, with twenty years experience on over forty films, many of them among the top box office grossers of all time.  Moving from visual effects artist to production supervisor to producer and on to senior executive roles he has overseen the execution of multi-million dollar contracts and contributed to the development of businesses that operate at the top of their field.  James manages the logistics of VisPop’s slate of features.

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James R Brandt

As VisPop’s USA based business affairs expert James brings thirty years of experience acquired from the ownership, management and board membership of a diverse portfolio of companies.  Entering the corporate world with marketing and economics degrees James built and sold three independently successful businesses, and has served in senior management roles from President of SIA Payment Processing to Managing Director of a division of International middle market business financiers CIT Finance.


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